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Rich in typical, picturesque villages, wild bays with turquoise waters, vineyards and museums, the Catalan coast is a must-see gem - especially in the summer season. The area reaches from Cadaqués to Barcelona.

Life on the Costa Brava, as the locals call the coastline "the wild coast", is mostly outdoors. A mix of art, gastronomy, history, and relaxation all come together on the Costa Brava.

We highlight our favorite hotspots to discover the best of the Costa Brava.

Discover Costa Brava through design, culture, and hotspots

The Costa Brava is authentic and innovative at the same time. This is an area that must be rediscovered.

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A calmer rhythm

Discover Costa Brava through design, culture, and hotspots

Cap de Creus

That's what Costa Brava means to me. Life is now and acting on it is what makes this place possible. Life on the Costa Brava is simple, but effective. Sunbathing at the edge of the sea, snorkelling, kayaking, having dinner on a beautiful terrace to end the day… It's all here.

The joy of rediscovering everything every time is amazing. Hotspots on this coastline, behind which you can see the sea in the distance, glittering profusely in the summer sun, that's what I love. On this blog I collect the hotspots of the Costa Brava to enjoy what it has to offer.

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